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8 Questions to Ask Your Potential Real Estate Agent Before Hiring Them.

Buying or selling a home is an exciting endeavour, however as a real estate agent is representing you, they must share the same values that you do. Here are 8 questions to guide you when interviewing potential real estate agents. 

  1. Why Have You Chosen Real Estate As Your Occupation?

Asking this question will reveal whether the real estate agent provides the option best suited to their clients. So, to spot a suitable agent, you should identify whether they are determined to fulfil their clients’ unique needs. In addition, due to your close dealings with the agent, you should establish a foundation of trust and understanding. This question reveals they’re dedicated to fulfilling their clients’ needs and having their clients’ best interests in mind. 

  1. Are You A Full-Time Real Estate Agent?

This question may seem irrelevant, but it all depends on how desperate you are to sell/buy your house. If your agent works part-time, this means that they have other responsibilities that are more important than fulfilling their commitment to you. As real estate is an active and competitive market, your agent should be on their toes in finding you a good deal. 

  1. Do You Work Independently Or With A Team?

Ideally, an agent who works with a team ensures that when your agent may be preoccupied there is someone who will see to you. However, this will only depend on what you as the client value, as an independent worker does not necessarily mean they won’t get the job done efficiently. 

4. Commission Fee? Contract? Penalty Fee?

All real estate agents will have a commission fee, so you need to ask this before committing yourself. In addition, your agent will ask you to sign an exclusive listing or buyer’s agreement, so you should read the terms carefully to ensure they are substantially accommodating towards both parties. Also, the contract will most likely have a termination fee so this amount should be revealed before the signing of the contract. 

5. How Will You Communicate With Me?

Communication is essential in any relationship including a business relationship. You should therefore settle the method of communication (text, call, email) first, best suited to what both parties are comfortable with.

6. When Can I Contact You?

The next question is knowing when they are available to answer your calls, texts, or emails. This will prevent any disappointments if they are unable to reply to you and will assist in scheduling meetings appropriately. 

7. What Makes You Different From Other Realtors?

According to personal qualities and certifications, what sets them apart? These qualities you’re looking for should fit what your needs are and whether certain certifications will influence your decision. 

8. Do You Have Any Referrals Or Testimonials From Past Clients?

Do not rely on what your friend said about their realtor friend. Remember you are looking for someone who is dedicated to providing their clients with the best service.

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