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10 Ways to Improve Your Store’s First Impression

Photo by Korie Cull on Unsplash

The once booming retail industry suffered tremendously during the pandemic. Lockdowns and the reluctance of people to go shopping, lead to plummeting sales. Now that in-store shopping is back again, it is important that would-be customers do more than just window shopping. To get people actually interested in walking into the store and shop entails making a great first impression.

Here are 10 ways to ensure that people get wowed even before they shop:

  1. Window Display – This being the first thing consumers notice about the store, comes first. The window display should be arranged tastefully with selected items, based on popularity. It could also be a place to showcase the store’s new launches.
  2. Exterior Details – The plaque or notice board outside the store should have the right details about opening and closing times. Apart from that any other information pertinent to the store, must also be provided. 
  3. Themes – The store must reflect a central theme, which must be closely connected to the brand behind the store. It doesn’t have to follow it verbatim, but must stay true to the fundamental idea around which the store has been established. 
  4. Staff Dress Code – The way the staff in the store is dressed has a significant impact on how consumers perceive it. Smartly dressed employees can be quite eye-catching and help make a lasting impression.
  5. Neatness – The arrangement of wares inside the store, should be neat and tidy. Many retail stores make the mistake of just letting the goods be on display shabbily. 
  6. Checkouts – Most checkout counters are a place of interaction between staff and customers. The entire aspect of billing is a good way to showcase customer-oriented sales practices. 
  7. Hygiene – Covid-19 protocols notwithstanding, good hygiene keeps customers coming back. Unsanitary and unclean stores fail to make a good impression. 
  8. Color Psychology – Research has shown that color schemes influence people’s decisions. Red is supposed to denote urgency, while the color blue is seen as trustworthy. Colors can be used optimally to create a favorable first impression. 
  9. Approach by Staff – When a customer first walks into the store, how they are being greeted matters a lot. On one hand, no one wants to be bombarded with sales people from all sides as soon as they walk in. On the other hand, not having anyone greet or welcome them can make consumers feel unwelcome. 
  10. In Store Wares Display – Many a time, the consumer is wowed by the window display, only to be let down by the merchandise up for sale inside. Thought and deliberation must be put to work while arranging goods inside the store.

Research has shown, that the first 10 seconds are make or break in first impressions. So, instead of leaving it to chance, deliberate steps must be taken to design the experience to make a memorable first impression. This will help drive customers and thereby sales towards the business.

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