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10 Ways to Approach a Commercial Design Project

Designing various commercial spaces like, offices, restaurants, and retail spaces are what commercial interior design is all about. It involves the construction, renovation and creating of public space to enhance the customer experience. The goal is to design the space for better employee engagement and profitability for the company. Though there are as many ways to approach a project as there are designers, the ten below are the most important ones to consider:

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  1. Project Type – While working on a commercial project, the first thing to consider is its use. Whether it is an office, a restaurant, a retail space or in the health sector. The utility of the space is the foremost thing to bear in mind before going ahead with the planning.
  2. Theme / Concept – This is especially important for the hospitality sector as each enterprise has its own unique identity and intended customer experience. A central idea, around which the design somewhat flows around.
  3. Functionality – The functionality of the space being designed has to be considered while planning anything. Most commercial spaces have a wide customer base, so enhanced functionality is important. 
  4. Safety – Most commercial spaces are located in population dense areas and seek to target a large number of consumers. That is precisely why ensuring the safety of the space is of utmost importance.
  5. Brand – Brands seek to create a niche to make themselves stand apart from their competitors. The same goes for their spaces and experience. Understanding the brand ethos is important to designing a space that is in coherence with the brand. 
  6. Budget – Budget constraints are a reality. And it is prudent to have a clear budget outlined in front. This will make sure that the project stays within the projected numbers. 
  7. Schedule – Each project has its own schedule, depending on the business owner. While some have a lot of time handy, some need the job well within the stipulated time. A crucial point to consider while working on an assignment.
  8. Simplicity – Many clients often come up with ideas that tend to be overcomplicated. Simplicity in design is aesthetically pleasant and highly efficacious. Being simple in one’s approach also reduces any diversions or sidetracking on the project. 
  9. Authenticity – Being authentic, helps create a space which is unique to each client. Everyone is different and authenticity proposes a solution which respects that individuality. 
  10. Efficiency – Commercial spaces have to be effective to help the company improve profitability. Effective commercial spaces also reduce wastage or space and resources. 

Truly speaking, there are perhaps several more ways to look at a commercial design project. Many factors need to be taken into account while designing a space meant to be used by a large volume of people. And every designer has his or her own distinct way of approaching commercial design. That being said, there above are a few fundamental points to consider while thinking of commercial interior design. Being mindful of the rudimentary paves the way for eminence.

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